Marin Search & Rescue Composite Squadron 23
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Prospective Senior Members

Volunteer and Make a Difference

Thank you for considering membership in Civil Air Patrol, the US Air Force Auxiliary, to contribute to the education of our nation's youth and to community emergency response. If you’re not yet familiar with the details of the program, see the overview information on CAP National HQ's Join - Adult pages. The CAP homepage at has details about our three primary programs: Cadet Programs, Aerospace Education and Emergency Services.

There are numerous ways to contribute to each of those, and you need not be a pilot. Some of our senior (adult) members are pilots/instructors, some are search aircrew, and a few are trained in ground search and other supporting roles. We can talk to you more about those aspects of the program when you visit. Our Deputy Commander for Cadets or other Cadet Programs staff can talk to you about opportunities to support some of the finest young men and women in our area, such as organizing activities, teaching classes, instructing on leadership, and leading physical training.

We ask prospective new members to join us at a few meetings, see what we do on both the Senior and Cadet sides and meet the members to give you and us a chance to see if it’s a good fit. We will also talk with you about the program and opportunities. Meeting times and location are on our calendar page. We also encourage you to visit other CAP squadrons to find the best fit that is convenient to attend regularly.

Considering membership?  Here are the steps.

  • Learn: Learn about Civil Air Patrol on the CAP website

  • Visit: Attend at least three meetings - meet the cadet and senior members, learn what we do, talk with our commander

  • Interview: Ask about a membership board. This is an informal Q&A with some of our more experienced members to ensure you have all the right info to make an informed decision about membership.  It's our chance to make sure you are a good fit for our program and vice versa. The board will make a recommendation to the commander on extending an offer of membership.


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